Russell Day will introduce you to the various spiritual issues that face inmates.  What part established religions play in the life of prisoners.  What it is like to belong to a religion that is not popular in the free world.  He will also cover the spirituality of those prisoners that do not join an official religion or eschew the notion of a higher being altogether.

Legal Impact on Prisoners

Lawson Strickland will point out how little most people know about law right after they have been arrested.  How ill-prepared the accused and his appointed lawyer are before and during the trial.  The startling amount of law an inmate must learn to protect his/her rights while in prison.


Calbraith MacLeod will explain what existing rehabilitation programs are trying to accomplish - the good ones and the poorly conceived ones.  He will try to design the an rehabilitation program.  He will also try to describe the internal process or struggle as rehabilitation becomes a path that an inmate follows while incarcerated.

Cover Art

Each issue will have a piece of prisoner art that forms the background of the table of contents of the Cell Door.  When you click on Cover Art, you will have an unobscured view of the piece of art and find out who the artist is and what is the inspiration behind the work.

NOTES from the Web Master

The Web Master will attempt to keep the readership informed of any new feature and any important changes the Cell Door policies.