A Death Row trilogy...


by Steven King Ainsworth

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STEVEN KING AINSWORTH has been a prisoner on Death Row at San Quentin since 1980, and shares his experiences in a trilogy of stories and poetry, letters, and commentaries which at once introduce us to a fellow human being and invite us to reflect on the death penalty as a basic violation of global human rights standards at the beginning of a new millennium. Words from the Row includes:

Visions from the Row, stories and poems with an introduction by poet Dennis Schmitz, acclaimed Professor at California State University, Sacramento;

Letters from the Row, chronicling a decade of friendship with activist Georgiann Lyga, with reflections by Lyga; and

Commentaries from the Row, essays on justice and human rights, with a special focus on the death penalty in the U.S.A. as seen through the eyes of an aroused world community.

 This 200-page volume also includes "illuminations from the Row," a sampling of Steven's artwork; a Foreword by Stephen Birdlebough of the Friends Committee on Legislation in California; and an appendix by Margo Schulter, Capital Punishment: Voices of History. Publication was generously underwritten by the Social Justice Ministry of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.

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