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Reader Comments

Hi Cell Door Magazine,

Thank you for the Cell Door Magazine. Itís the best magazine Iíve read in a long time. Some interesting reading. I also like the format and the type are easy reading. Itís not too big or too small. Keep up the good work.

Cell Door

This writer is indigent serving time in CA. Could you please offer me your gift of Subscription (free). I would greatly appreciate to be added to your mailing list. I have no one on the outside and Iíd love it if you could send any material you can spare to improve my reading skills.

Thank you

PS If whoever gets this and they are bored, I give them permission to even write me. I am very much alone. Iíve been on Death Row about 3 months and I never get any mail. It would be nice if someone would just write me and say, "Hi!" As you can tell, Iím trying Ė arenít I.

Stay Cool and God Bless

Jeremy Jones                                                Link for my address



  Escaping Recidivism - by Kevin Hewitt

  Got Milk? by Ellis Chen


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Whisper by Karl Chamberlain

Death of a Dog by Derrick Corley

Feather in the Wind by Derrick Corley

At the End by James Hawkins


COVER ART- Michael Tenneson



    How Long Is 40 Years? by G A Bowers



    Working With Dangerous People



    Uncensored from Texas Death Row by Paul Colella

    Texas and the Law of Parties - by Kenneth Foster

    Its Not Working by Groner



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