Creating Opportunities

By Anthony Lucero

     For many people behind the wire, one day soon, or years in the future, you have the prospect of one day being released.  You need to think ahead and make some type of plan to have the doors of opportunities open up to you.  If the truth be told, it is difficult enough for a law abiding citizen to find a decent paying job once he or she is laid off.


     However, if your background is similar to mine: very little formal education; little or no work experience; decades in the penal system; extensive criminal record; and mid-50's, the odds of a successful reentry are very slim.  So I decided to get some type of game plan to beat the odds.  I want to be one of those success stories you read about and you can do the same.


     Myself, I plan to go to the local temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, community centers, homeless shelters, etc., where I can do volunteer work.  f also want those in the community to know that I am worth giving a second chance.  That hard work comes before success.  Years of working out, yoga, being aware of my environment, attending the law library and library weekly has enabled me to pass those skills on to others behind the wire.  AII of us can learn skills while here that one day we can share with those in the free-world.  Skills that will enable you to pay your bills and stay free.


     If you reflect long enough on some useful skills that you can share with others, they will come to mind.  Hopefully in helping others, someone might open up a door of opportunity for you.  And in the process, you will find peace of mind, redemption, joy or some type of satisfaction in doing no harm.

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