Chicano Landscape

By Anthony Lucero

 Intrepid searcher of identity,

Gente striding the vast Southwest

Before it blended into

Part of the good U.S. of A.


For a fictional character, John Wayne

Was the shit, but Joaquin Murrieta

Was a real-life Robin Hood,

A vato protecting his hood.


Poppa was a marine, lusting

After Rita Hayworth’s curves

Way before Charo’s moves

Aroused a sleeping diamondback.


Sing it, Primo, sing it again,

“From the halls of Montezuma

to the shores of Tripoli,”

verse of the conquest of my…


A rattlesnake, a cactus, a

Kaleidoscope of red primroses,

White sage, and bluebells

Flourishing upon the landscape.


Two cultures ossified by time,

Sanctified by tradition –

To ring true, one over the other,

Must I choose? Must I choose?


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