The Bare Truth
By Anthony Lucero

The bare truth,

Justice shouldn't be

Foreign, alien, or wandering

In the minds of judges,

District attorneys,

Or defense attorneys.


The bare truth,

Racial and economic biases

Affect the judicial system,

To judges with porcine mentalities

The constitution is gimcrack.


The bare truth,

Instructions to jurors

To disregard evidence

Is fiction - once

The bell is rung

You can't un-ring it.


The bare truth,

Hundreds of individuals

Have been freed

Because of DNA

In about 75%

Of those cases,

A major factor

Was faulty

Eyewitness testimony.


The bare truth,

The courts denied

Timothy Masters,

Robert Dewey,

& Tim Kennedy's

Appeals, but DNA evidence

Freed Timothy and Robert.

Withheld exculpatory evidence

Later freed Tim.

That's the bare truth.



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