My Name is Life-Without-Parole
by Fred (Corky) Proctor


    Please allow me to introduce myself. I am your worst nightmare - your worst enemy - I can destroy your life. I will make you wish you had never been born. Once I have you in my grip, I will slowly suck the life out of you; control your every thought and dream. I will take your family and friends from you. You will exist only as a member of the walking dead society - only a number - a statistic. I am Life-Without-Parole.

If you do not know who I am - I am a form of punishment cruel and unusual - equivalent to torture and barbarity. I am cruel and degrading punishment not known to common law, so disproportionate as to shock the moral sense of the average man and woman. I have no fundamental respect for the humanity underlying the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution. I do not consider the character and the record of an individual offender, the circumstances of a particular offense, guilt or innocence, or the potential for rehabilitation and reintegration back into society - only punitive retribution.

I am the most hated form of a death sentence, and yet I do not come uninvited. Your actions must choose me. I will lie there quietly. You will not see me. When you only exist, I live. When you live, I only exist. But I will always be there waiting and wishing you a slow and painful death.

For example in many states where the death penalty is barred, I am mandatory for first-degree felony murder. I am an over-zealous prosecutor, an angry victim's family, and a hanging judge's vengeance. I will inflict upon you the pain and suffering you have caused your victim’s and their loved ones. I will inflict upon you agonizing pain and suffering until the day you die in prison. In many cases that is 50 years or more.

I am your worst enemy. I will not comfort you. I will make you hurt and cry out in pain. You will become so numb that you can't feel anything at all. I will destroy all things good in your life – just as you did to your victims and their families. Yet, you will become my best friend. I will give you long term suffering. I am very patient. I will be there with you as you slowly die.

After you serve about twenty hopeless years of my cruel punishment, you will learn to regret the insuperable pain you have inflicted upon your victims, their families, yourself, and your family as well. I will make you beg to God that he take your life. Whenever I allow you to sleep you will dream of committing suicide. And you will wake – up every morning, cursing God for not ending your miserable existence. I have tortured and killed thousands and I am pleased. Yes, you will wish you had been sentenced to death. You will welcome the day death finally takes hold of you, ending your wretched existence.

I am Life-Without-Parole! I pray you never receive an opportunity to introduce yourself to me. For if you do, you will become one of the walking dead, and one of my best friends.


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