FAMOUS FOR 15 MINUTES... and counting

    It would have passed us by.   I wouldn't have been able to explain it.  I would have had to make up some sort of flawed theory about the huge increase in Cell Door Site hits.  I would have possibly believed this theory.  But fortunately somebody wrote me a little E-mail saying something about the fact that he had been chosen as the Dynamite Site of the Nite a year ago and his site had been bombarded by all sorts of new visitors.

I just saw your posting in Dynamite Site of the Week...I was dynamite
site about a year and a half ago. It was great. I had tons of visitors.

This is just my idea, but I thought you might enjoy visiting and
reading the stories (no particular reason) posted 3 times weekly in my
site, for entertainment or if you would like to ever send in a story,
which is at http://www.ghostories.com -- O'Neill's Ghostories -- The
Best Chill on the Net -- which features the lighter side of ghost
stories with a good dose of humor and such.

Hope you don't mind the intrusion, but it's something that occurred to
me when I saw your site. Take care and be well.

Ken O'Neill
Still the Best Chill on the Net

    On April 11th the Cell Door Magazine Site counter registered 650+ visits since Jan 1, 1999.  Probably 50 of those hits were mine as Web Master checking on the functionality of the site.  Since the Cell Door was chosen as the Dynamite Site of the Nite on April 12th 1999, we have had a three fold increase in visitors.   As of April 24th, the counter has recorded well over 2000 visits. The visits did not come all at once but there has been a steady bombardment since that fateful day.
    Now that we have had all of this exposure, we do not plan to waste it.   This issue of the Cell Door is much more robust than the first two issues.  There are several new features: Spirituality, Cover Art, Rehabilitation, Legal Impact on Prisoners and Notes from the Web Master.
    We ask you to stay with us.  Give us feedback on what works and what doesn't.  Remember the writers are somewhat isolated.  They aren't permitted to see their own articles on the Internet.  They are making every effort to reach out to you the reader.  They would like to sense that their lives are having a beneficial effect on other people.  These are the men and women who have turned the corner and want to make a positive contribution to society despite their past experiences in the free world.
    I want to thank the Dynamite Site of the Nite, Ken O'Neill of Ghostories.com, and you the reader for your efforts in making the Cell Door Magazine a success.


    I also would like to invite you to subscribe to the Cell Door.  This is an automated program where you get to sign on to the list or off (unsubscribe) the list whenever you choose.  You can sign on/off as often as you wish and only you will know what you have decided.  This makes your position on our subscription list a private thing - a very user friendly service. 

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Thank you again for your support!

Laird Carlson

Web Master - Cell Door Magazine


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